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This show also marked as one of Cout Du Paxil live concert picks for the week. Congratulations on the new release! We recorded it at Studio 4 outside of Philadelphia. Will Yip produced it.

We had a lot of fun with this Cout Du Paxil. We set out to make a noisy pop record and Will was on board with that 100 percent. How was this album different that your previous efforts? Was there a specific goal on this record?

Cout Du Paxil

We really just wanted it to be a loud and hard pop record. That was the only conscious goal really.

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It was a lot Cout Du Paxil this time around merely because we had three new players on Cout Du Paxil one and that will always bring about some differences. Also, with any lineup changes, how did it specifically affect this latest recording? It really just added a new energy. Everyone was incredibly excited to be working on the record.

This album is Cout Du Paxil little cleaner tone guitar wise, less dark than your previous record, Clash Battle Guilt Pride. Was that just how the songs wrote themselves?

Cout Du Paxil

Or was this a conscious effort? It just came out that way.

Cout Du Paxil

I think we Cout Du Paxil to keep the darkness in the lyrics and see how far Cout Du Paxil could push the pop in the music. The contrast between the two was interesting to us. A must for your set list? We started in 2005 just as a part time band.

PBC just took off though so we stuck with it. What Cout Du Paxil you consider was the kickstart of your band? We just started getting attention from all over. Different magazine were interested in us, people from across the world were messaging us about touring.

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Discount Pharmacy Priligy remainder of and for ? I like to Cout Du Paxil all bands, Cout Du Paxil were the albums you bought as a kid, or concerts you saw, that made you want to be a musician? That record blew my mind as a kid. It was the first record I hear that made me feel like I had a place on earth. Left and Leaving had just come out. It was the most amazing show.